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*Dirtball Pete* by Eileen Brennan
Also by Eileen Brennan:

Bad Astrid
Dirtball Pete
by Eileen Brennan
Grades K-3 32 pages Random House August 2010 Hardcover    

Itís normal for Pete to look like a dirtball and smell like his ferret, Eggroll. But underneath all the grime is an industrious, confident boy who can deliver a speech flawlessly even under less than ideal circumstances.

The action in this book takes place at school with Pete dressed as the state of Pennsylvania. Readers watch Pete transform from dirty to clean to dirtier as he gets ready for this important recital. His family and their friends are in the front row waiting for his turn at the microphone. Humorous scenes intermingle with suspenseful moments to create this admirable story that even contains a few facts about Pennsylvania.

Pete and his mom, aunt and sister are drawn with long thin limbs, oversized heads and no necks. Additional exaggeration is used in drawing Pete. Feathers and forks stick out of his hair and dirt clouds follow him when he runs, but Pete is a boy to be admired with his ability to get lost in play and the determination to see his responsibilities through to the end.

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