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*Up Above & Down Below* by Sue Redding


Up Above & Down Below
by Sue Redding
Ages 4-8 32 pages Chronicle Books June 2006 Hardcover    

Up Above and Down Below is a simple, rhyming story that explores events that occur above ground in plain view and actions that occur simultaneously directly below. As a large family scurries around their home to prepare for the day ahead, a tiny mouse scurries through their cellar below. As a full cast of actors dressed in vibrant costumes take the stage to perform in a play, there are just as many people hard at work below to ensure that the show runs smoothly. While city streets are packed with people running from one place to another, dozens of others are rushing to board a subway car and find a seat.

The illustrations are bright and colorful, making what is hidden “below” just as inviting as what is “above” and in plain view. The fact that what is found below often relates to bugs and other critters provides the illustrator with ample opportunity to create vivid pictures that are just an entertaining as the words of this story and the theme of this book.

Children will likely adore this book, anxiously turning the pages to see what discoveries lie on the next. And, even though the story and illustrations will be sufficient to elicit this response, the fact that author Sue Redding hides a red ant and green worm on each page just adds to this book’s inevitable appeal.

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