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*Favorite Food* by Loufane
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Animal Outfits
Favorite Food
by Loufane
Ages 2-3 12 pages Clavis April 2015 Hardcover    

What do the five animals in this book like to eat? There is a hint on each page, and children can open the flap to reveal the answer.

The author asks, “What does the little dog like to eat?” When the flap is open, a long page extends out to show the answer. The dog has come out of his dog house, and he’s surrounded by bones like the one seen above his door. “He gnaws at the bones he finds in the garden."

The bolded words are not defined in the book, but they do relate to the animal. On the squirrel page, squirrel, nuts, and forest appear in bold font. On the rabbit page, there are several foods for him to choose from in the garden.

Children are asked again, “What is the little rabbit’s favorite food?” When the flap is opened, we see he’s pulled a carrot out of the garden and he’s nibbling on it. A bear and mouse are featured in the book, too; they prefer honey and cheese.

Children will have to think about their own food preferences to answer the question on the last page of this story, “And what do you like to eat?” The child at the table is enjoying cake, chicken, salad, and bread.

Each animal can be seen in its natural environment (except maybe the mouse in the house). In the colorful illustrations, it’s summer outside, and a few of the pages have extra animals on them to name.

I think this book, and its companion book, Animal Outfits, will delight many toddlers.

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