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*Fortunately, the Milk* by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Skottie Young - middle grades book review
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Fortunately, the Milk
by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Skottie Young
Ages 8-12 128 pages HarperCollins September 2013 Hardcover    

The best books are those you finish reading and cannot wait to share with someone else. It’s even better when that someone else is your child.

Neil Gaiman is a celebrated writer who in recent years may be even more celebrated as a champion of arts and reading. Fortunately, the Milk is the kind of story that reminds you all over again why you love books. This one will get parents and kids reading together and to each other.

Fortunately, the Milk is a tall tale that celebrates tall tales—fantastic and whimsical but with a clever wink at just how over the top a good storyteller can push a story.

The tale begins with the narrator’s mum leaving home for a few days. Dad, brother and sister have the run of the house, but problems arise when the bottle of milk goes empty. No milk for cereal. No milk for tea.

It is up to dad to go out for milk, and that’s when life gets crazy. Dad returns a while later with an explanation of his tardiness that includes time travel, dinosaurs, wumpires, monsters, pirates, aliens and ore.

Skottie Young’s illustrations sparkle with the slapdash energy of dad telling his story on the fly, just lovely and weird in the best way.

Fortunately, the Milk will garner Gaiman another new generation of readers while also delighting his already considerable readership. I couldn’t wait to share it with my kids.
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