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*Freddie and Gingersnap* by Vincent X. Kirsch
Freddie and Gingersnap
by Vincent X. Kirsch
Ages 4-6 40 pages Hyperion January 2014 Hardcover    

Freddie is a dinosaur. Gingersnap is a purple dragon. Normally dragons and dinosaurs don’t get along. When they first encounter one another, Freddie and Gingersnap go nose to nose and toe to toe:
They stared eye to eye. They scowled and they growled. They clicked the pointed claws on their fingers and they clacked the pointed claws on their toes and they snip-snapped their sharp shiny teeth.”
My goodness, is there going to be a fight? It looks like it, but then…then they discover that both of them want to learn to fly. Fortunately, Gingersnap knows how but doesn’t realize it until Freddie points out that dragons can fly.

Once she masters the technique of flying, Gingersnap takes her new friend for a spin high in the sky—and guess what? Yup, a new friendship is formed!

The simple illustrations of the two key characters are complimented by more detailed backgrounds featuring plenty of weird little creatures that appear to be keeping an eye on everything. It’s a nice mix of simple and busy sections of the pages which will give the reader more to look at. There’s also a surprise fold-out page about halfway through the book.

Once introduced to Freddie and Gingersnap, don’t be surprised if this becomes one of your child’s favorite picture books. These odd-looking little creatures are quite endearing!

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