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*Gracie and Grandma* by Iben Sandemose
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Gracie and Grandma
by Iben Sandemose
Ages 4-8 36 pages MacKenzie Smiles May 2008 Hardcover    

Gracie and Grandma is a brightly illustrated book by Norwegian artist Iben Sandemose that introduces an appealing little girl you want to embrace. Unfortunately, the disconnect between the text on each page provides no real direction to the story, which is unfortunate because it significantly detracts from the appeal of the overriding theme about a girl and her grandmother.

In this book, Grandma picks up Gracie from school to take her home, but Gracie decides there are a number of places she wants to visit along the way. She wants to climb on the blue pillows, wash her hands, and try on all sorts of different clothes.

From there she wants to bake some birthday muffins, and as she heads to Grandma’s house, she eats chicken wings (leaving a trail of bones behind). Upon her arrival, she finds her kitten tanning under the lamp, and he is very pleased to be fed cheese. Gracie then takes a bath with a bunch of animals and is happy when her parents arrive to eat fish and carrots.

If these string of events seem to be only tangentially related to one another, this is because that is exactly how the book reads. There are number of experiences that a young girl and her grandmother might share after a day at school, but unfortunately this book selects activities with little relevance to one another. The result is a choppy book which fails to tap into the appeal of the unique relationship between a grandmother and a little girl.

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