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*Grizzly Dad* by Joanna Harrison
Grizzly Dad
by Joanna Harrison
Grades K-2 32 pages David Fickling Books May 2009 Hardcover    

When Dad wakes up one morning feeling as grumpy as a bear, he heads straight back to bed. But when Mom leaves for the day and takes little brother and sister with her, it is up to one young boy to get the grouch out of bed.

He soon finds out Dad is no longer as grumpy as a bear but is, in fact, a full-grown brizzly bear with manners to match! How do a little boy and a big ol’ bear spend the day? Why, together, of course!

Author/illustrator Joanna Harrison takes a familiar theme and makes it larger than life in this amusing picture book sure to delight kids and their sometimes-grizzly dads. Her beautiful artwork is full of rich detail and comedic images that ring oh-so-true.

The first illustration makes it obvious why poor dad wakes up a little grumpy as kids battle on top of him, the cat takes purchase on his head, the dog steals his glasses, the alarm is ringing non-stop, the baby has his finger stuffed deeply up the man’s nose - and the morning doesn’t get any better from there.

Grizzly Dad is an endearing “tail” sure to bring out the animal in all who experience it.

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