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These five recent releases for readers 13 years old and up will set pulses pounding with thrills, chills and suspense.

Don't Turn Around pits teen hacker Noa against the world. Since her parents died, she's at odds with the world and uses a computer to keep everybody at arm's length. Think The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and you'll find the heart of this dark and engaging book. The little slacker hacker fights global conspiracies and even an other-worldly supernatural thing in this exciting novel.

Dark Eden and Dark Eden: Eve of Destruction comprise a duet of novels about teens facing their fears. They revolve around Fort Eden and the Seven, a group of teens with communal problems seeking group answers. Separate, they are nothing, but banding together, they can conquer the world--and that includes the devilish overlord Rainsford.

Feedback is the nerve-pounding sequel to Variant. Benson Fisher has managed to escape from the nightmarish landscape of Maxfield Academy and is no longer ground under the thumb of their rules and accosted by their heartless gangs. But not all is as it seems when he gets waylaid in a prison of another sort: a town filled with the haunted faces of people he once knew. People he saw die--people he murdered.

Something Strange and Deadly marries The Luxe with The Forest of Hands and Teeth in this neo-steampunk page turner. The Dead levitate from their graves, and only the Spirit-Hunters have the capabilities to send them back where they belong--10 feet underground. This smart and thrilling book will delight YA readers with its originality.

All five of these books are by turns eerily menacing and scholastically challenging. Worth checking out.

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