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*What is Heaven Like?* by Beverly Lewis, illustrated by Pamela Querin


What is Heaven Like?
by Beverly Lewis, illustrated by Pamela Querin
Ages 4-8 32 pages Bethany House October 2006 Hardcover    

The young boy in this beautiful book has just suffered the loss of a beloved grandfather. His grandfather promised that they would be together again someday but did not have the time left to explain what he meant.

The boy is curious about heaven and begins to question people about it. He asks his sister, and she replies that the streets will be paved with gold, the gates are pearls, and there will be lots of angels.

This does not satisfy the boy's curiosity, so he goes on to question the mailman, the playground teacher and the librarian, each giving a different answer to his question. As the days pass the boy asks his question of all the people he comes in contact with, and each has a wonderful answer to his deep felt question.

The boy explains his quest for the answer about heaven to his mother, and she explains that the answers are right there in the bible, and that she and his father will try to help him understand the answers.

All the talk of heaven has also made the young boy question death and if his family will die, will he also die? His father explains over prayers one night that God has a plan and those who believes in him will have everlasting life and a home in heaven.

The young boy eventually tells his Grandma about his missing his Grandfather and his questions of heaven, and she also gives her insight into the situation. At last he is comforted and knows that his Grandfather is in a wonderful place, and that he will rejoin him someday.

Beverly Lewis is a bestselling author best known for her fiction set among the Amish. However, she started her career as a writer for teens and children. With the arrival of a young granddaughter and all the questions a child can ask she felt compelled to write this book.

Death is a very hard thing for children to understand, and this would be a wonderful way to help ease some of their worries and questions. The book is oversized, illustrated beautifully, and would make a wonderful addition to any parent's library.

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