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*How Rocket Learned to Read* by Tad Hills
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How Rocket Learned to Read
by Tad Hills
Ages 4-8 40 pages Schwartz and Wade July 2010 Hardcover    

From the creator of the bestselling Duck and Goose series comes an adorable new book about Rocket, a dog who is determined to learn to read.

It all starts one day when a small yellow bird perches on the dogs favorite tree and announces that he will be her first student. This plucky bird teaches Rocket the alphabet and then starts to read him a fascinating story - but stops at the best part. This entices Rocket to learn to read himself, an effort he continues into the winter even after the bird has left for warmer climes.

Rocket practices his spelling day and night, sounding out and spelling each interesting word he encounters, from a dogs growl (GRRRRRRRRRR!) to the sound of the wind that goes WHHOOSSSHHHHHHHH. When Rocket goes from spelling C-O-L-D to M-E-L-T and M-U-D, he knows that Spring has finally returned, bringing his beloved bird teacher with it. The bird is met with tail-wagging enthusiasm by Rocket, and the two are off together on many reading adventures.

How Rocket Learned to Read, rendered in oil and color pencil, has an important theme about reading and an adorable and expressive protagonist in Rocket, who is sure to appeal to children and adults alike.

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