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*An Inuksuk Means Welcome* by Mary Wallace
An Inuksuk Means Welcome
by Mary Wallace
Ages 3-5 32 pages OwlKids Books September 2015 Hardcover    

Wallace’s (The Inuksuk Book) newest picture book pairs each letter in the word "Inuksuk" with an Inuktitut word.

“I is for inuksuk, the stone messenger that stands at the top of the world”. Above and below, the word "Inuksuk" appears in big letters. The “I” is underlined to indicate the letter that will be showcased. A full-page spread painting appears next to the text.

When the page is turned, the “I” appears again, by itself and against a double-page spread illustration of another inuksuk. Two Inuit people are nearby searching for the inuksuk. The word appears again on the bottom of the page in a pronunciation guide (ee-nuck-shuck) and in the Inuktitut language.

Nanuq, the polar bear is shown next, followed by an umiaq (a family’s summer sea boat) and kamik (a boot made from caribou or seal skin). Weather both snowy and sunny, animals, and family are featured in the last few letters.

This is a quick read, but children can go back and look for the seven different kinds of inuksuk that are incorporated into the illustrations. Each of the seven stone creations comes with a definition and pronunciation guide. This book, which begins with a brief history of the stone towers, adds interest and understanding to an importance part of Canada’s history and culture.

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