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*Invisible* by Katja Kamm


by Katja Kamm
Ages 4-8 40 pages North-South May 2006 Hardcover    

If you want to teach your child the meaning of “invisible” through the use of pictures, Katja Kamm’s aptly titled Invisible fills the bill. To manage your expectations, however, you should not expect anything more than this. Invisible serves this limited purpose, putting forth neither a beginning, middle nor end of a story, nor any character development.

Each page shows one of many characters, cheerily animated and brightly dressed against a background colored just as vibrantly. The background changes to match the body part or article of clothing worn by a character, making that portion of the illustration - you guessed it - invisible. There is not much more to this collection of illustrations, except perhaps for the task that children may instinctively take on, eagerly flipping backwards though pages of this book to see exactly what item of clothing or body part disappeared into the background.

Invisible has a limited purposed and serves it well, leaving readers with little question as to the meaning of the term. It is a simple and well-executed concept that will be a visually appealing addition to any child’s collection of books.

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