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*Kiss Kiss* by Selma Mandine
Kiss Kiss
by Selma Mandine
Ages 2-5 32 pages Golden Books December 2009 Hardcover    

In Kiss Kiss, a teddy bear asks a little baby what a kiss feels like.

The baby explains that each kiss is different: the ones from Mom are soft and cuddly, the ones from Dad scratchy and tickly thanks to his beard, the ones from grandma are noisy and sound “like she’s enjoying a lollipop”, the ones from Rex the dog are wet and sloppy, and the ones from the baby’s brother are chocolate-covered since he often forgets to wipe his mouth after eating!

Even though there are many different kinds of kisses, they’re all quite wonderful. When the teddy still doesn’t understand what a kiss really feels like, he receives a soft and delicious kiss of his own from the baby.

This adorable book has been translated from the original French (Bisous Bisous, Auzou Editions, 2008) by Michelle Williams. The artwork by author and illustrator Selma Mandine is visually reminiscent of European children’s animation series such as Pingu and Hopla, featuring soft, rounded faces and brightly colored yet gentle and soothing backgrounds. Kiss Kiss is a warm, wonderful little treasure sure to delight a baby or preschooler.

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