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*A Kitten Tale* by Eric Rohmann
A Kitten Tale
by Eric Rohmann
Ages 4-8 32 pages Knopf January 2008 Hardcover    

Four spring kittens experience seasons for the first time. As spring turns to summer and summer to fall, three of them discuss the coming of winter. The cold, the wet, and the snow are all causes of anxiety. However, the fourth kitten is the adventurous type. He repeatedly adds his own two cents to the others trepidation: “I can’t wait.” When winter finally does arrive, the first three hang back. But when their brother frolics joyfully in the cool white fluff, they begin to wonder what they might be missing.

This is a typical story about fearing the unknown and overcoming it. Right from the beginning, the end is obvious, which might be a disappointment for an older picture book reader. However, for the young ones, it shouldn’t be as apparent. Either way, it is the illustrations that make this story work so well by adding a fantastic element of fun and mischief. The amusing antics of these adorable kittens will keep even adult readers readily entertained. A Kitten Tale is a quick read for short attention spans. Although it is marketed to the 4-8 age group, it works even better for a younger audience.

Author/illustrator Eric Rohmann is a Caldecott medalist, and there is no doubt he is deserving of the title. This newest creation definitely lives up to his lofty reputation. A Kitten Tale is destined to become one of those timeless classics our children will love and one day share with their own kids.

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