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*Learning to Fly* by Sebastian Meschenmoser

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Waiting for Winter
Learning to Fly
by Sebastian Meschenmoser
Ages 4-8 56 pages Kane/Miller March 2006 Hardcover    

Learning to Fly is a very simple little story of a penguin who wants to fly like other birds, despite the fact that penguins donít fly. I wasnít sure it would go over well with my five-year-old critic, but he gave it the thumbs up, approving of the delightful little critter and his human friend as they try all sorts of means to get airborne.

Accompanied by intricate line drawings done by the author, Sebastian Meschenmoser, this contemporary fable is all about believing in yourself and doing what it takes to achieve your dreams and soar. In this penguinís case, soaring means literally flying with other birds, and he enlists the aid of a kindly human man, who makes all kinds of contraptions to get the penguin off the ground. The sparse text lets the images tell the story as man and penguin train together, and try together, eventually achieving their goal.

Learning to Fly is not a big, splashy and colorful childrenís book. Rather, it speaks softly but carries a big impact, because it is about doing the impossible by believing in yourself, and yet the powerful message is imparted in a subtle and highly entertaining way that will enchant kids of all agesÖnot to mention adults.

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