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*Life-Size Aquarium* by Teruyuki Komiya, photographs by Toshimitsu Matsuhashi
Also by Teruyuki Komiya and Toshimitsu Matsuhashi:

More Life-Size Zoo: An All-New Actual-Size Animal Encyclopedia
Life-Size Aquarium
by Teruyuki Komiya, photographs by Toshimitsu Matsuhashi
Grades PreK-2 48 pages Seven Footer Press July 2010 Hardcover    

Teruyuki Komiya is back, this time educating little ones about animals that can be found in an aquarium rather than in a zoo, which was the focal point of her prior book in this series. In Life-Size Aquarium!, thirty-five animals are featured through clear and crisp photographs that represent the actual size of the animals—which is a premise that results in an incredibly unique and appealing presentation. Aside from the large size of the book itself, the inclusion of animals such as the vibrant blue and green-colored humphea wrasee, one of the biggest coral reef fish in the world, necessitates two pages that unfold to accommodate the animal’s bulk.

The masterful photographs are accompanied by some basic textual information about each animal displayed in a large font that is accompanied by text of a smaller size that provides additional detailed information for more advanced readers or for those who have a particular interest in learning about a particular animal.

The educational value of the photographs cannot be overstated. They provide an up-close view of the animals that one might only expect to see in their physical presence. The wrinkles and hair follicles of the dugong are quite stark, and readers will almost be able to sense the roughness of the scales of the sea turtle as shown through the camera lens. The sea otter, you will learn, has the densest fur of any mammal; that should not come as surprise, since the fact is written alongside a photograph that illustrates this density.

Life-Size Aquarium! educates as it entertains and will make a wonderful addition to any book collection. It will likely receive super-sized reviews from readers of all ages.

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