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*With You Always, Little Monday* by Genevieve Cote
With You Always, Little Monday
by Genevieve Cote
Grades PreK-2 32 pages Harcourt April 2007 Hardcover    

With You Always, Little Monday incorporates elements of the ancient legend of the “moon rabbit” and takes the reader through issues such as grief, the loss of loved ones, finding comfort and the support of friends. One would expect it to be a very sad book, and it is in some ways; however the reader will feel uplifted and hopeful when they have finished reading this 32-page children’s tale. Another interesting insider’s fact is that the author chose to use the name "Little Monday" because the word Monday has its origins in the Latin word for “day of the moon.”

Spring-green pages greet the reader upon opening this book, giving the reader a feeling of freshness, or a new beginning. A young rabbit is found as a baby in the forest by friendly animals that decide to call him Little Monday. Little Monday grows up to be a content little bunny with the love and companionship of his friends, yet his yearning to find his biological mother is strong. He innocently asks many wise and graceful animals, only to find that they cannot help find his mother. Determined, he keeps at his quest all day until the sun begins to fade. Little Monday is so exhausted that he rolls up into a ball and falls asleep. He was awakened by a vision of his mother’s comforting spirit. He is so excited that he wakes his forest friends, who join him in celebration.

The author’s note at the end of the book explains one of the reasons why she chose to use the ancient legend: rabbits are renowned and celebrated across the globe, representing peace, gentleness and endurance. The author’s quote on the last page struck a chord with me, and I felt it to be a fitting choice as a final statement for a book of this genre.

Parents will appreciate the durable reinforced trade binding. Readers will find that the protective slipcover and the hardcover are both glossy and contain the same image. Another unusual aspect of this book is that the Canadian author, Genevieve Cote, wrote and illustrated this book. This is not the first time the author has done this; she also wrote and illustrated another children’s book entitled What Elephant?. Cote has worked on several children’s books as an illustrator, and her editorial art has also appeared in the New York Times, among other publications. For the illustrations in With You Always, Little Monday, she utilized mixed media. The book was printed in Singapore on chlorine-free paper and released by Harcourt Books in 2007.

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