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*My Little Yellow Taxi* by Stephen T. Johnson


My Little Yellow Taxi
by Stephen T. Johnson
Ages 4-8 14 pages Red Wagon Books October 2006 Hardcover    

My Little Yellow Taxi is a wonderful interactive book designed to educate children about taxis, highlighting the elements that set the infamous yellow cars apart from others on the road. This book (which could just as easily be classified as a toy) has pull out parts that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. (Note that the book contains many removable parts, warranting the warning on the bookís cover that it is not intended for children under three years old).

The hood of the taxi can be lifted to reveal the carís engines, and children can pull a lever to determine whether there is a need to supply additional oil. The tire gauge can be pulled out and used to check the tires, and the taxi door can be opened, just like the glove compartment, which reveals the cab driverís snacks for an anticipated late evening of work. Children can also buckle and unbuckle a seat belt, pull out the ignition key, turn the car on, and move the steering wheel to show the changing gearshifts.

There is a rearview mirror that resembles the real thing, and children can move the windshield wipers back and forth, pull the taxi light to indicate whether the driver is ready to pick up a passenger, and get the meter ready to calculate the appropriate fare.

My Little Yellow Taxi makes a great addition to any childís library and offers a unique educational and entertaining experience for all children over three years old. The book includes a simple narration and provides children with the opportunity to perform the many hands-on activities associated with ensuring that a taxi is in top form before it hits the streets.

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