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*Little Billy-Bob Gives Kisses* by Pauline Oud
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Little Billy-Bob Gives Kisses
by Pauline Oud
Ages 1-2 24 pages Clavis October 2015 Hardcover    

Ouds second book starring toddlers Billy-Bob and Fifi is about two friends playing.

As they entertain each other with peek-a-boo, puppets, tickles and kisses, the author refers to their body parts. Little Billy-Bob has two feet. Look! Stomp. Stomp. And jump! On the following page, Fifi can be seen wiggling her ten toes. Can you do that too? Lets see.

The pages do have questions that encourage a child to mimic what the character is doing, or to point to certain areas on their own bodies. Toddlers who are potty-training may laugh when they are asked questions about the dog seen in the background and what he did. Hes only a puppy, and he has used the bathroom on the lawn.

Throughout the book, both children are wearing pajamas that make them look like cuddly animals. This book would be fun to do during a toddler time because parents interact with their children while the story is being read. The author includes a short introduction and concluding rhyme which helps segue into and out of the story.

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