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*You're Lovable to Me* by Kat Yeh, illustrated by Sue Anderson
You're Lovable to Me
by Kat Yeh, illustrated by Sue Anderson
Grades PreK-2 32 pages Random House December 2009 Hardcover    

A welcome addition to the genre of tender stories of parental love, You're Lovable to Me takes its message across generations, depicting the love not only of a mother for her children, but also the love of a grandfather for his grown daughter.

The storyline is simple; a mama bunny and her six little bunnies have a hard day – lots of activity, disorderly meal and bed time, etc. At the end of the day, mama is worn out – and the bunnies tell their mother that they are sorry. Mama then explains how mothers love their bunnies no matter what – when they are sad, lonely, giggly, etc.

After the children are finally in bed, mama goes downstairs to face the dishes and household paperwork and finally falls asleep on the couch. Her own father then comes in and tucks her in, remembering his promises of long ago to love his daughter even when she is grown and has a family of her own.

This title will appeal not only to young children but also especially to their mothers. Best read on a parent’s lap, You're Lovable to Me is designed to be read with time for quiet reflection, giving the reader the time to make personal connections to the text and illustrations.

Sue Anderson’s detailed pastel drawings reveal the fun and hectic details of a busy household with active children. Perfectly reflecting the emotions of the story, these little bunnies each have their own personalities adding depth and interest to an otherwise very simple story of unconditional love.

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