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*The Birthday Box* by Leslie Patricelli
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The Birthday Box
by Leslie Patricelli
Baby-preschool 32 pages Candlewick March 2007 Hardcover    

Everyone knows that the best part of a birthday present, especially the big ones, is the brown cardboard box that serves as the giftís transient home. The little boy featured in The Birthday Box acts in accordance with this well-established truth, finding the greatest pleasure in his birthday present, a puppy - not from the fluffy animal sure to become his best friend, but from the box where the puppy was wrapped up with brightly colored paper and a bow.

The little boy has a wonderful time climbing on, standing on, and hugging the empty package as if to welcome it into his life. From there, the young boy uses the box, along with the full support of his imagination, to explore the world. Once he properly accesses the cartonís infinite potential, he magically transforms it into an airplane, a sled, a robot, and a boat, which provide him with hours of enjoyment to fill his day.

The Birthday Box is a simple, heart-warming story that suggests that the best things do not necessary come in little packages - just sturdy packages that a child can use to explore and play.

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