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*The Magic in You!* by Sally H. Taylor
The Magic in You!
by Sally H. Taylor
Ages 4-8 40 pages Outskirts Press May 2007 Paperback    

I love this book! The Magic in You! celebrates individuality, acceptance of one’s actions, and embracing the ability to affect those around us in a positive way – if we choose to do so. Author Sally H. Taylor is also the illustrator, and every single page is filled with nature in a way that will appeal to children.

Readers are introduced to the concept of reproduction through seeds and seasonal changes in all their beauty. Then we see that one of those seeds has settled in a crack beside a blacktop road. Others in the area shun the silly flower as it grows, thinking it is somehow different and therefore less than they are. The little flower grows up sad but puts forth stunning effort and brings the world a lovely flower to brighten the days. Alas, the little flower is too attractive and attracts a hungry goat, who tears a petal from her body. Sad and hurt, she sags under the emotional weight.

Suddenly a car passes, running over her leaf and crushing it beyond repair. The poor flower feels very sorry for herself, until she learns to view her experiences differently. She learns from them and becomes a better flower-person because of these experiences. Once she realizes this, she becomes grateful for the things she’s encountered in the past.

This book communicates deep emotional life lessons to youth on subjects that are often difficult to broach. Teachers, parents and caregivers will need this book. It should be a resource on every shelf.

The book was printed in the U.S. and published by Outskirts Press. Sadly, even after browsing the publisher’s website, I could not find any information on eco-printing or socially responsible publishing options that the publisher has chosen to employ during the production of this book, such as using vegetable inks, recycled content, carbon offset efforts or support of a charitable organization. However, I could not find it in my heart to dock this book even one-half a star – it really is that good.

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