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*McElligot's Pool* by Dr. Seuss

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McElligot's Pool
by Dr. Seuss
ages 4-8 64 pages Random House September 1947 Hardcover    

With all the newer children’s books flooding into bookstores, it still amazes me that the best stuff out there comes from good ol’ Dr. Seuss. And my little boy agrees with me whole-heartedly.

McElligot’s Pool is the delightfully told and illustrated story of a very patient young boy who fishes at McElligot’s Pool, despite being told by a local farmer that he will NEVER find any fish there. The pool is too small, too filled with junk, too this and that, the farmer tells the boy, but the boy has other ideas.

Once his vivid imagination is unleashed, he thinks of all the amazing and wonderful creatures that he COULD catch, if he is patient. After all, the little pool could be attached to a much bigger brook or river that goes all the way to the sea, and who knows what kinds of finned critters might be right now making their way towards the boy’s fishing line?

In the usual jolly Dr. Seuss style, the rhyming story is accompanied by hilarious color and black and white illustrations of the most vividly imaginative fish you could possibly dangle a worm in front of. Kids will love the story’s message of persistence, vision, and creative thinking, but most of all they will love the pictures of crazy, wacky fish that only the mind of Seuss could think up.

McElligot’s Pool is a classic, and for good reason. It is just too much fun to read, for the parent as well as the child. And that’s the magic of Dr. Seuss. When reading his stories, parents become kids again.

Now, that’s entertainment!

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