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*The Mercenary's Marriage* by Rachel Rossano- young adult fantasy book review

The Mercenary's Marriage
by Rachel Rossano
Grades 8+ 113 pages 2006 Paperback    

Rachel Rossano grew up writing stories in her head, creating worlds to satisfy her hunger for adventure and excitement. In her second book to be published, The Mercenaryís Marriage, she is honing talents that will serve her well in the future.

Brice Ashlyn, a slave, meets Darius Larius at the end of a long siege where his troops decimate her masterís holding. Darius is a mercenary in the service of King Simon Jenran of Braulyn and was once a slave himself. The story revolves around their relationship against the backdrop of a possible rebellion against the throne.

There is no difficulty picturing the characters and their setting. The action sequences are well-written, the dialogue also well-done - I simply wish there were more. The book reads like a television episode, short scenes that end quickly and switch to completely different scenes. I want to know more about Darius and Brice, what their lives were like before they met. The story feels as if we are only getting the highlights of what is occurring.

The book is very short and a quick read appropriate for young adult readers. There are no bloody torture or graphic sexual scenes. What Rossano gives us is very good - she just needs to give us more.

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