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*Millie and the Big Rescue (Millie's Misadventures)* by Alexander Steffensmeier
Millie and the Big Rescue (Millie's Misadventures)
by Alexander Steffensmeier
Ages 3-6 32 pages Walker August 2013 Hardcover    

Millie the diary cow gets stuck up a tree during a game of Hide and Seek. One by one, her friends (including the farmer herself), climb the tree to save her, but instead of coming down together, they get stuck, too.

Millie and her farmyard friends donít get angry, though. They take the time to enjoy the view and each otherís company.

Steffensmeierís characters have endearing personalities. Pony wears a cape as he catapults up the tree. The chickens donít take into consideration size or location when trying to fit into a hiding spot (see them sticking out of the watering can and birdhouse), and Millie sees the world through wide-open inquisitive eyes.

There is a lot of humor in the lively illustrations. When Millie and her friends are enjoying their treetop picnic, the chicks sit on a spinning gramophone record. An older chick sits in the horn to knit.

Fans of Too Many Pears (Jackie French) and Minerva Louise (Janet Morgan Stoeke) will enjoy all of Millieís books (Millie Waits for the Mail; Millie in the Snow).

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