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*Mirror* by Suzy Lee
Also by Suzy Lee:


The Zoo
by Suzy Lee
Grades 2-5 48 pages Seven Footer Press April 2010 Hardcover    

Award-winner Suzy Lee returns with another project that can be appropriately classified as both a work of art and a charming story.

Standing alone, the illustrations of a little girl fascinated by the appearance of her image in a mirror are a treat. The curiosity of her character comes alive as she makes facial gestures, followed by more grandiose body movements, in an attempt to test and re-test the opposing image that seems insistent on mimicking her every move.

At some point, however, something changes. It seems that the little girl and her image no longer work in unison and instead find themselves at odds with one other.

Children of all ages will appreciate Suzy Lee’s illustrations, but those who are a bit older will likely be the ones to enjoy the corresponding story that the pictures tell. The fact that Mirror can be used for the fundamental purpose of educating a little one about a mirror and its reflective qualities or as a tool to teach more advanced lessons about cause and effect merely adds to its appeal.

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