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*Monday* by Anne Hauberts
Also by Anne Herbauts:

Prince Silencio

by Anne Hauberts
Ages 5-12 36 pages Enchanted Lion Books October 2006 Hardcover    

When Monday is alone, a week just seems to pass him by. When Monday is with his friends Lester Day and Tom Morrow, time takes on a different meaning. Monday enjoys time because he’s with friends. As they entertain themselves around the piano, time passes in a different way. Time also goes by with the changing seasons. The speed at which spring arrives seems to surprise Monday. But as the seasons explain what they do with their given time, Monday is out enjoying his yard and the changes each season brings. Autumn says “Red and brown, I confound,” and spring says “Into the wind I put its rustling sound.” It’s winter’s arrival that changes Monday.

Anne Herbauts, the creator of Monday spends her time in Belgium and France. Many of her books have been translated into other languages, as was Monday, originally published in French as Lundi.

Monday reminds me of a penguin. Lester Day resembles a tea pot, and Tom Morrow has the face and tail of a cat. The illustrations are brilliantly simple, and the coloring is often a blend of colors. The trees, grasses, and chimney smoke consist of many colors - and unexpected ones, at that. The grass has pink blades, and red and blue can be seen in the chimney smoke. Some unexpected surprises come with this book as well: textured snow, a welcoming die-cut cover, pages of varying thickness, and an oddly dimensioned house.

This book is not only about the division of time; it’s also about enjoying the passage of time and the moments that make up each day. The story holds many interpretations, and the emotions it conjures will differ with each reader.

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