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*The Most Perfect Spot* by Diane Goode
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The Most Perfect Spot
by Diane Goode
Ages 4-8 32 pages HarperCollins May 2006 Hardcover    

The Most Perfect Spot is a lovely story of a young boy who plans a picnic lunch for himself and his mother. The day begins with Jack bringing Mama breakfast in bed and a written invitation to join him for a picnic in the “most perfect spot.” Jack and Mama begin their walk to a nearby park in search of such a spot, armed with their picnic basket and followed closely behind by a happy-go-lucky terrier. The double-page spreads of muted pastels and pen and ink drawings provide beautiful illustrations complementary to the story’s text.

For whatever reason, Jack and Mama can’t seem to find the perfect spot they are looking for. While each spot seems perfect at first, disaster inevitably strikes, whether it be their boat tipping in the lake, galloping horses kicking mud up at them, a merry-go-round that spins out of control, or torrential downpours. Each disaster is preceded by the words “But…suddenly” in large, pink type, creating an element of suspense young readers will enjoy. The repetitive nature of the text also gives young readers the chance to predict what will happen next, making the book more interactive.

After deciding that the park does not contain the most perfect spot, Jack and Mama run home through the rain to have their picnic lunch on their living room floor. The comfortableness of home after a frustrating day of mishaps proves to be quite perfect indeed. Jack and Mama do not return home alone, though; the little terrier who has made an appearance on every page has followed them home after rescuing Mama’s hat. Jack and Mama adopt the little terrier and very appropriately name him Spot, “the most perfect Spot,” for the brown spot of fur around his eye. Lighthearted and charming, the lively illustrations will entertain young readers as Jack and Mama search for that ever-elusive perfect picnic spot before realizing home is the best picnic spot of all.

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