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*The Mud Fairy* by Amy Young
The Mud Fairy
by Amy Young
Ages 3+ 40 pages Bloomsbury USA March 2010 Hardcover    

This wonderful picture book about a little fairy named Emmalina who has a problem earning her wings will entrance youngsters between the ages of three and seven.

It is time for Emmalina to show that she excels at something so she can earn her coveted wings like all the other young fairies. Unfortunately, she can’t create a rainbow or help flowers open their buds. When she tries these more “traditional” fairy jobs, poor Emmalina has problems.

What the little fairy does enjoy doing - and she’s good at it - is playing with her friends in the swamp. Her peers are shocked by how wet and filthy Emmalina gets. They are totally taken aback by her unfairy-like behavior, but Emmalina’s grubby, muddy actions will ultimately earn her the coveted wings she so desperately wants.

A delightful and amusing story about a little girl and her tomboy demeanor will very likely become a bedtime favorite for any child who occasionally enjoys getting “down and dirty” - or has a problem keeping freshly washed clothing clean!

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