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*Older Than the Stars* by Karen C. Fox, illustrated by Nancy Davis
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Older Than the Stars
by Karen C. Fox, illustrated by Nancy Davis
Ages 4-8 32 pages Charlesbridge February 2010 Hardcover    

I am constantly in awe of the sheer numbers of children’s books published each year, and even more in awe of those few that rise above the rest with a uniqueness all their own. Older Than the Stars is a colorful, eye-popping foray into real science - as in who we are, how we got here, and our link to the very Universe we live in.

This amazing book covers the moment of the Big Bang to life on earth as we know it today, and all points between, always focusing on our role in the chemical and biological processes that led to humanity and all the other creatures we share the planet with.

Karen C. Fox literally gives kids and parents alike a solid science lesson in how life itself formed from the stuff of stars and how, over time, the most basic building blocks of life in the universe led to the evolutionary process by which you who are reading this review got here.

The delightful and quirky illustrations by Nancy Davis add to the magical wonder of this highly educational yet utterly entertaining book. If kids are going to read, the books they read need to be interesting enough to compete with video games, computers and other distractions. Older Than the Stars can be thoroughly enjoyed by kids and their parents as a way to make learning about complex subject matter fun and engaging.

This is a fantastic book to read to a child and also a great classroom addition that teachers can use to light the fire of interest under kids for the natural world around them and for their own unique history in the cosmic “scheme of things.” A highly recommended book all the way around.

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