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*One Night in the Zoo* by Judith Kerr
One Night in the Zoo
by Judith Kerr
Ages 3-6 32 pages Kane/Miller March 2010 Hardcover    

One magical, moonlight night in the zoo…
An elephant jumped in the air and flew!

But nobody knew.
One Night in the Zoo is a whimsical, imaginative counting book that invites the reader to picture the secret life of the animals in the zoo once all the visitors have left for the night.

In the festive night that follows, three lions perform magic tricks to astonish a gnu, the flamingos change colors from pink to blue, and the monkeys glue feathers on a cockatoo. But as daylight approaches, the roosters sound an alert and the animals quickly return to their cages. The zookeepers are left wondering why all the animals look so tired, but nobody knew...

This spirited and witty book invites the child to share in the joke of the animal hijinks that go on behind the scenes at the zoo - a perfect book for any child who has ever wondered what zoo animals do once all the people have left. The catchy refrain of “but nobody knew…” is sure to appeal to young readers.

The one drawback to the book is that the illustrations by author-illustrator Judith Kerr do not do justice to the silly and spirited fun of her story. The pale pastel artwork, so faint that one has to strain to catch all the details on each page, is mismatched to the story, which would have been better served by more vibrant and colorful illustrations.

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