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*Our Seasons* by Grace Lin & Ranida T. McKneally

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Our Seasons
by Grace Lin & Ranida T. McKneally
Ages 4-8 32 pages Charlesbridge June 2006 Hardcover    

If your children are curious about the changes that occur in nature throughout the year, they will truly enjoy Our Seasons, which is a series of basic questions and answers relating to each. The questions cover a lot of ground, providing a wealth of information likely to educate both children and adults.

The book begins with a basic explanation as to why we have seasons, pointing out the relevance of the earth’s position in relation to the sun. While the questions and answers are rooted in science, the format is easy to understand, interesting, and provides the perfect balance between providing sufficient information to answer the question for those who have a basic curiosity and encouraging those who want more information to continue to explore a particular topic.

If you are curious about the fall, you will learn about why we have wind, why the leaves change colors, and why you may see your breathe as your exhale. If you are more interested in winter, you will learn what snow is, why frost collects on the window, and why your cheeks may turn red as the temperature drops. With respect to spring, you will learn about what causes a thunderstorm, why bees like flowers, and why you sneeze. A child who is curious about summer will discover why the air becomes sticky, why fireflies glow, and why your skin becomes tan after being exposed to the sun.

A review of this book would not be complete without additional praise for the warm and brilliant illustrations central to this book. Unlike other books, which often portray a homogeneous view of our world, this one depicts children of all races and nationalities, resulting in a diverse and more accurate picture of the global community in which live. While diversifying the illustrations may have been an added challenge for the illustrators, any additional efforts certainly materialized with the production of a beautifully illustrated and informative book that will educate and entertain.

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