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*Pennies for Elephants* by Lita Judge
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Red Sled
Pennies for Elephants
by Lita Judge
Ages 4-7 40 pages Disney Hyperion June 2009 Hardcover    

The Orfords' challenge is quite simple but rather unbelievable: raise $6000 and we'll give you our three elephants. Since the animal trainers are retiring and the city says it can't afford to purchase the elephants for zoo, the couple decides to enlist Boston's children.

Collecting pennies, nickels and dimes, youngsters (and adults, too) launch a campaign to purchase Mollie, Waddy and Tony, the three members of the pachyderm family. With children from all over New England pitching in by raiding their piggy banks, doing odd jobs, and sponsoring fundraising events, the race is on to find enough money to buy the elephants.

With the Boston Post keeping track of the amount of money being raised, the total climbs up and up and up until the goal is reached and the elephants became residents of the Franklin Park Zoo.

Based on an actual event that occurred in 1914, this picture book illustrates what a group of children can do if they set their minds to it. An uplifting story with a very positive message, Pennies for Elephants reinforces the idea that anything is possible, no matter how imposing the task, if individuals unite and take it bit by bit, one step at a time. Those pennies and nickels do add up quickly!

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