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*Picture This! Animals* by Margaret Hynes
Picture This! Animals
by Margaret Hynes
Ages 8-12 64 pages Kingfisher March 2014 Hardcover    

All the colorful graphs and illustrations in this book pertain to animal facts. Divided into two-page sections, each double-page spread focuses on two to four areas of study.

The book begins with Magnificent Measures (comparing temperature, distance, speed, and area using the U.S. Customary system and metric system) then delves into animal classification, mammal characteristics, bird abilities, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Insects are identified in the Minute Creatures section, and animal senses and communication follow next. Sexual maturity and courtship are touched on near the end.

Useful charts (footprints and tracks), a glossary, an index, and a small bibliography that includes books, websites and places to visit appear as back material. This book may appeal to a reluctant reader because it is so visual, but the cluttered appearance on a few of the pages may be overwhelming.

Concepts such as the thickness of sea otter fur, the life cycle of a frog, the hunting party size of various animals and the distribution of ocean animals become easier to understand when seen alongside labelled graphics. Although there are no glossy photographs on the page, this book should find an audience with boys and girls who have an interest in science or facts.

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