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*When Pigasso Met Mootisse* by Nina Laden

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When Pigasso Met Mootisse
by Nina Laden
ages 4-8 40 pages Chronicle Books October 1998 Hardcover    

Kids love art, and chances are, after reading When Pigasso Met Mootisse, they will be pleading for their parents to take them to the nearest art museum. This delightful and laugh-out-loud funny children’s book tells the wild and wacky tale of how two very different artists became enemies, then friends, and introduces children to the world of fine art in a way they will never forget.

Imagine a pig named Pigasso who paints with style and flair, and a cow named Mootisse who creates with color and emotion. The two of them are getting quite the reputation as masterful artists, and when fame catches up with them and distracts them from their work, they decide to find some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, they end up as neighbors, and at first, they get along okay, until they begin to criticize each other’s work.

Pigasso calls Mootisse nasty cow names and Mootisse calls Pigasso’s artwork “mud” and the battle becomes a full-scale feud. Only when the two unique visionaries realize how special the other’s point of view really is do they come together as friends, and paint a masterpiece that stuns the world and wows even the toughest critics.

Artist and author Nina Laden has written a truly bold and colorful and fun story that introduces kids to the world of modern art by giving them something they can relate to – crazy animal characters that, well, often act like children in their quest to express. Laden says her mom loved Picasso and her father preferred Matisse, thus inspiring her to write this book, which was a 1998 American Bookseller Pick of the Lists.

When Pigasso Met Mootisse will no doubt engage a child’s natural love for artistic expression, and will also teach them a lesson about tolerance and friendship to boot.

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