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*Pigs in Pajamas* by Maggie Smith
Pigs in Pajamas
by Maggie Smith
Ages 2-5 32 pages Knopf December 2012 Hardcover    

The words and illustrations in Smith’s (Desser the Best Ever Cat) newest picture book will help children learn what the letter P looks (upper and lowercase), sounds and creates words.

After reading this alliterative tale about Penelope Pig’s sleepover (We’re pigs in pajamas, to Penny’s we go/in prints, plaids, and pinstripes, a sleepywear show!), children can search the illustrations for over seventy-five objects that begin with the letter P. The list in the back of the book lists words such as pencil, puffin, and popcorn.

The acrylic paints and photo collage illustrations incorporate bright colors and textures. Long and short words that begin with P are included in the text of the story and Penelope’s pet parrot’s dialogue. The evening progresses as many sleepovers do (food, games, rowdiness, and exhaustion), but at the end of this sleepover everyone falls asleep in the living room in their pajamas.

When an observant mouse, who lives in the wall, hears the pigs’ snoring, he declares, “Hey—No Z’s! This book is about the letter P!” Parents may be inspired to create a similar literacy themed party for their children.

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