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*Pinkalicious* by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann
Also by Victoria Kann:

Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookboook

Pinkalicious: Pink or Treat!

by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann
Ages 4-8 40 pages HarperCollins May 2006 Hardcover    

What happens when Pinkalicious cannot resist pink cupcake temptation? The initial results of eating one pink cupcake too many cannot be washed off in the bathtub or healed instantly by Dr. Wink. To eradicate the consequences of indulging in pink cupcakes, Pinkaliciousís diet has to change. All pink foods are now crossed off the list - even something as small as a pink fruit loop! Only green things are allowed - be it relish, green tea or peas.

This is nothing compared to what happens to Pinkalicious when the excitement of the ďout of the wayĒ cupcakes proves too much. It certainly makes her regret eating pink cupcakes. She takes matters -and the fridge contents - into her own hands. Her brother Peter, however, has yet to learn his lesson.

This pinktastic story is really enhanced by Victoria Kannís art. Pink thrives on the pages - in the icing, the cupcake batter, Pinkaliciousís bedspread, her dress, the flowers, and in more unexpected places. Besides pink turning up where itís not expected, so too are other things in the pictures. The illustrator uses mixed media in this book in imaginative ways. Mom is seen standing on a paper doily rug, and her apron is made up of a recipe. The flowers are each little collages, as are the whirlwind of insects and birds that engulf Pinkalicious at the playground. The green smorgasbord collage is my favorite page in the book.

I also like the bits of nostalgia in the pictures - olive green corduroy shorts are on young Peter, and heís seen playing with a ball. Rubber ducks are in the bathtub, and the bathtub soap comes out as flakes. An old rabbit-eared antennaed television is found in the house, and a slinky is on the floor. And mom cooks with milk that comes in a glass quart bottle. Victoria Kannís artwork is brilliant, and her award-winning work can be found on magazines and in other books.

Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann (a doctor, whose writing has appeared in other publications) are sisters, and they collaborated to write Pinkalicious. In this book, Pinkaliciousís mom simply thought that making cupcakes would be a good distraction from the rain. However, momís cupcake-baking idea quickly gets out of hand - and into Pinkaliciousís mouth. This entertaining book exaggerates - in a pink way!

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