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*Play Ball with Me!* by Lynn Reiser

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Play Ball with Me!
by Lynn Reiser
Preschool - Grade 1 28 pages Knopf May 2006 Hardcover    

If you want to give your child a basic introduction to some sports they might be interested in learning to play, then you should pick up a copy of Play Ball With Me! which provides a great introduction to soccer, football, basketball, baseball and catch.

This is a vibrantly illustrated and interactive book that asks children to guess which game is being introduced as they see a player getting ready to participate in it. Once a guess is made, the child unfolds a flap to reveal the name of the game, the equipment necessary to play it, and brief statement on what constitutes “success” in each sport.

For soccer, children will see a shirt, shorts, and socks that can be worn on the field along with the shin guards and cleats needed for protection. They will also see a soccer ball along with a picture of player scoring a goal. For basketball, they see a shorts, socks, shoes, a basketball, and a player shooting a three-pointer. A baseball cap, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, a bat, gloves and a baseball are displayed for baseball, along with a player successfully hitting a line drive. Children will also see a player scoring a touchdown and a football helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants, socks, shoes and a football hidden behind the flap. And, at the end of a day full of sports, all of the players join in a friendly game of catch before leaving the park.

Play Ball With Me! is a fun, interactive and lively way to introduce young readers to the wonderful world of sports, and is definitely a great catch!

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