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*Press Here* by Herve Tullet
Also by Herve Tullet:

Mix It Up
Press Here
by Herve Tullet
Ages 2-8 56 pages Chronicle March 2011 Hardcover    

Press Here makes it seem like the reader has a magic finger.

Every page of the book is illustrated with colored dots and a set of simple instructions to follow. Once the instructions are complete, the page is turned and the results are shown.

Visually, the dots will seem to move because of our actions. Rub the yellow dot on the left and with the turn of the page, it has changed red. Shaking the book will scatter the dots; tilting the book causes them to roll off the page.

Press Here grabs the reader’s attention from page one, making you anticipate the turn of every page. The instructions are written as if the author is speaking directly to us. His sentences include words of praise if we do something correctly (Well done! And now the one on the right…); they include tips for improvement if we do something wrong (Not bad. But maybe a little bit harder.).

Tullet’s books (The Game of Finger Worms, The Book with a Hole) prove this author is devoted to entertaining his readers in new, creative ways.

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