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*Princess Sylvie* by Elsa Beskow
Princess Sylvie
by Elsa Beskow
Ages 3-7 28 pages Floris Books January 2011 Hardcover    

First published in 1934 Swedish as Sesssalts Aventur, this book was first published in English in 2011 and tells the story of Princess Sylvie’s adventure outside the palace gates.

While strolling around the palace gardens with her father, the king, Princess Sylvie discovers a little gate. She persuades her father to open the gate so they can leave the confines of the palace gardens and explore the woods on the other side of the gate.

Once outside the gates, the King is enthralled by the birds singing and the natural beauty of the woods and doesn’t realize that Sylvie has wandered off after her dog, Oskar, who is chasing a long-eared hare. When Oskar catches up with the hare, he also catches up with another animal that takes a liking to both Oskar and Sylvie.

Princess Sylvie is an unfettered tale about a girl exploring her world and getting a taste for adventure, but the plot is a little too uncomplicated and the story feels somewhat incomplete. The classic feel of the illustrations with its rich colors, however, do complete the story.

A simple story about a young princess discovering the world outside her home, Princess Sylvie is suitable for children ages 3 to 7 years.

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