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*Prophecyquest* by Bill Pottle- young adult book review
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by Bill Pottle
Grades 9-12 184 pages February 2006 Paperback    

The adventures in the Lands of Daranor continues in Prophecyquest, the second novel in the epic fantasy "Dreamquest" trilogy. Many of the characters in the first book can be found scattered in the pages of Prophecyquest.

Great thinkers ponder the riddles contained in an ancient prophecy while Tarthur embarks an a quest to save Yan, the self-sacrificing shape-shifter who was lost in the first battle. Tarthur is torn by the threats to his family and the very real possibility that they may be sacrificing his young son. After all, to breach the Wall of Glass that separates the Eternal Vale from the Lands of Daranor is to risk insanity, yet this is just what they are asked to do.

Several scenes stood out for me in Prophecyquest: Tarthur travels with the wizard Zelin to search for answers at the Deguz Library, where there is an interesting debate about the meaning of power, wisdom and knowledge. Katrina’s madness, her inner battles, and the lost love between Katrina and the elf-king, Darin, are especially moving. And early in the story, Gerthoud shows readers the stupidity and dangers one encounters when impaired by alcohol.

At 8X6 and only half an inch thick, reading this 184-page paperback does not absorb a lot of time. Swordquest, the final book in this trilogy, will be available to Bill Pottle fans in 2008. Interestingly, Bill Pottle is less then 30 years old; he conceived of the "Dreamquest" trilogy in sixth grade and has been working on the series up until recently. Fans will be thrilled to know that Bill has already begun his new series, "Angel Wars."

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