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*Punk Farm on Tour* by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
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Punk Farm on Tour
by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
Preschool-Grade 2 40 pages Knopf October 2007 Hardcover    

After playing to hordes of hounds and gaggles of geese in Farmer Joe’s barn, the boys and girls of Punk Farm hit the road for a whirlwind U.S. tour. Of course, if Farmer Joe weren’t going to a National Tractor Conference in Reno, the group might not be able to burst from the barn.

The life of a rock star can be pretty hectic. You need a killer song that catches the attention of the audience. Unfortunately, the band doesn’t have that song yet. You need a killer bus to travel across the states. Unfortunately, the broken-down van needs a tune-up and a paint job.

All the band members pitch in and get the group on the road, just in time. When they arrive at the concert venue, the group still isn’t sure what tune they’ll play to rock the house. What classic children’s song will they play?

As the tour progresses, one band member seems to be getting a lot of attention. Will it go to his head?

Will the band return to the farm before Farmer Joe?

For all these answers, read Punk Farm on Tour!

Once again, Krosoczka’s illustrations vividly fill the page with a splash of color. From Farmer Joe’s red truck to fashionable pink flamingoes, Punk Farm on Tour is delight to read and see.

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