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*Quick, Slow, Mango!* by Anik McGrory
Quick, Slow, Mango!
by Anik McGrory
Ages 3-6 32 pages Bloomsbury January 2011 Hardcover    

One morning, Kidogo, a baby elephant, is taking his own sweet time at the watering hole. Mama encourages him to hurry up and get a drink or he will be thirsty later, but Kidogo slowly plays with a butterfly, a stick and a snail – always dawdling.

Nearby, PolePole the monkey does everything much too quickly, always rushing. As her mother tells her to go slower, she rushes up the tree, grabs too many mangos, and they all fall into the water.

Kidogo has gone out with his mother to graze, but he’s so thirsty that he comes back to the water. The mangos are in the water, and PolePole is rushing to grab them, but they always get away. Kidogo stretches out his trunk, grabs a stick and traps the mangos. PolePole follows his example, and the mangos pile up. The new friends learn the lesson that sometimes it is important to hurry and other times it is important to slow down.

Taking her character names from Kaswahili (Kidogo means “little” and PolePole means “slowly, slowly”), McGrory has created a delightfully simple story which addresses some common problems that preschool children have getting along in a structured world. Some children are always rushing around, others are constantly lagging behind, distracted by everything they see, and most are a little of both, often at the wrong times.

The second book about Kidogo, Quick, Slow, Mango!, is well-organized, with the bright watercolor illustrations interspersed with the prose, augmenting the story and making the reader smile at the animals’ antics. Recommended for preschool children.

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