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*Red: A Crayon's Story* by Michael Hall
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Red: A Crayon's Story
by Michael Hall
Ages 3-8 40 pages Greenwillow February 2015 Hardcover    

This book is about defying expectations.

All the crayons think and say the red-labeled crayon is red in color. They are shocked, confused and disappointed when he only leaves blue marks. “Oh dear,” says his father (the crayon labeled Olive).

Despite practicing his drawing and hanging out with different colors, Red cannot draw any red ants, or red strawberries--they all came out blue in color. “Accck!” Red says.

Sensing Red’s mounting frustration, the art supplies don’t give up. The tape dispenser thinks Red might be broken, so he holds him together with a piece of tape. The scissors loosen his label, and the sharpener gives him a new, pointier look.

Nothing helps until Berry comes into Red life. “Will you make a blue ocean for my boat?” she asks. Although he doesn’t think he can, Berry encourages him to try. When he does draw, he sees he’s successful. The water is blue.

The end remarks in this book from all the crayons are humorous and touching. Hall’s childlike illustrations (the sheep is a black scribble with four stick legs and a spherical head) will resonate with young readers. Seeing the unique names of the crayons (cocoa bean, sea green, scarlet) will remind children that there are more colors around them than just the primary hues.

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