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*Rhinos Who Rescue* by Julie Mammano
Rhinos Who Rescue
by Julie Mammano
Preschool-grade 2 32 pages Chronicle January 2007 Hardcover    

Rhinos Who Rescue find themselves in many situations once they hear that BELL. They could be “jumping in their RIG and BOLTing to the BLAZE,” or jumping in helicopter for “SWIFT WATER RESCUES,” or even jumping out of planes as “SMOKE JUMPERS in a CAMP CREW.” They may also be called to rescue in the event of “GNARLY PILEUPS.” They are HEROES.

Full of both technical terms and slang, with a glossary of thirty-four rescue rap definitions in the back of the book, Rhinos Who Rescue is a bit too complex for younger readers and listeners. Julie Mammano introduced these slang-speaking Rhinos in Rhinos Who Surf, a sport well known for its slang. Also in the collections are Rhinos Who Skateboard, Rhinos Who Play Soccer, Rhinos Who Play Baseball, and Rhinos Who Snowboard.

Rhinos Who Rescue is full of colorful, fast-paced pictures to support the adventurous lingo. However, there is so much “lingo” and so few familiar words that younger kids have a hard time relating to the story and lose interest. The older age groups may find the lingo fun but will soon outgrow the format of the book. However, for those who loved the first books in the series, they will be happy to see the Rhinos are back for more GNARLY adventures!

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