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*Road Trip* by Gary Paulsen and Jim Paulsen - middle grades book review
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Road Trip
by Gary Paulsen and Jim Paulsen
Ages 10-12 128 pages Wendy Lamb Books January 2013 Hardcover    

Ben has learned to expect the unexpected from his father. When his dad wakes him at dawn on the first day of summer vacation and invites him on a road trip to rescue an abandoned Border Collie, it doesnít even rate as a surprise.

What is a surprise is the news that Benís father has quit his job and is now buying and selling real estate. How can such a major thing happen in his family and he not even know about it? More importantly, how will this financial status change affect his plans to attend hockey summer camp?

Before the first day is done, Ben, his father, and his fatherís Border Collie, Atticus, will be joined by a questionable teen from Benís school, a quirky school bus driver, and a waitress who is out of a job. The cast of characters will continue their journey as companions on a dilapidated school bus while being chased by some unsavory felons.

Will Ben and his dad make it to their destination in time to save the abandoned dog from euthanasia. What kind of problems will they encounter along the way?

Author Gary Paulsen is a treasured author for most elementary and middle school readers. The viewpoint of Atticus, the dog, is shared in counterpoint by the authorís son, Jim Paulsen. Road Trip is the first book that the father/son duo have published, but the talent can only bring about more joint effort to benefit middle grade readers.
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