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Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook
by Shel Silverstein
ages 9-12 96 pages HarperCollins March 2005 Hardcover    

The crazy title of this hilarious little gem gives some idea of what's going on between the covers of award-winning author/artist Shel Silverstein's bew nook, er, new book. You are entering the backwards world of Toe Jurtle, Skertie Gunk, Rirty Dat and Dungry Hog, an imaginative series of adventures where all and sundry speak Runny Babbit talk.

Each page has offers new rhyme (rhew nyme?) and one of Silverstein's humorous and endearing black and white illustrations, each guaranteed to get your child guffawing with the silly sounds that come from saying things backwards (bings thackwards?):

"Runny Babbit mot all guddy
Makin' puddy mies.
His wamma mashed him with the clothes
And hung him out to dry." ("Runny Mets Guddy")

There is the rhyme about "His Kajesty the Ming", "Runny the Fricken Charmer", "Runny's Garty Pames", "Runny Shearns to Lare", and my personal favorite, "Runny and the Pig Barade".

On one of his madcap adventures, Runny discovers romance:

"Prince Runny went to the Boyal Rall.
Now he's a busy fellah,
Running 'round with that slass glipper
Cookin' for Linderella." ("Runny Cooks for Linderella")

In a cavalier celebration of language run amok, Silverstein has created page after page of laughs for children, challenging their reading and comprehension skills. The reward: giggles galore. The author must have known we would have our favorites - he added a table of contents listing each of the silly titles (billy sitles). Don't forget to "Bead a Rook" with your kid! (For all ages, but especially for a hysterical time with a favorite grandchild.)

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