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*Sarah's Birthday* by Pauline Oud
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Sarah's Birthday
by Pauline Oud
Ages 2-5 32 pages Clavis June 2015 Hardcover    

Oud’s (Sarah on the Potty) latest picture book is about celebrating a preschooler’s birthday. Her day begins early. She gets to open her first present in bed (a doll carriage) and her second present at school. She shares her basket of green and red birthday treats with the class. “Thank-you,” her friends say.

The attention she receives at school continues after school. Birthday cards arrive for her through the mail from her relatives and a neighbor. She smiles as she reads them.

In the evening, Sarah has a birthday party at home with three friends. She opens more gifts, eats pink and white birthday cake, and plays fun birthday games which include her grandpa. After the party favors are passed out and her guests go home, her dad surprises her with a special birthday supper (French fries). The book ends with Sarah’s mom tucking her into bed at night.

Five questions about the story appear on the end pages in the front and the back of the book. The illustrations are large in this story, and they have colourful solid backgrounds but there is a lot of white (some examples being Sarah’s hair and pants, and her classmate’s shirt), which make some of the pages look unfinished.

There are no candles on her birthday cake and we don’t see Sarah blow out any candles, so it’s unclear how old she is turning. But these details are minor, and they don’t distract from the story about how family and friends celebrate Sarah’s birthday.


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