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*Skippyjon Jones* by Judy Schachner
Skippyjon Jones
by Judy Schachner
Ages 4-8 32 pages Puffin April 2005 Paperback    

A little Siamese cat, Skippyjon Jones isn’t so sure being a cat is the best thing for him to be. His mother, Mama Junebug Jones, berates him. “You need to think about just what it means to be a Siamese cat. Not a bird, not a mouse, or a grouse, not a moose, or a goose. . .” With ears too big for his head and a head too big for his body, Skippyjon Jones thinks he looks more like a Chihuahua.

So is born a new hero, El Skippito, the great swordfighter! It is up to this fantastic feline to save the Mexican Chihuahuas from a giant Bumblebeeto Bandito who is stealing all the beans. However, the poor attempt at a Mexican accent, changing from prose to verse and back again is confusing, not to mention a bit insulting to the Mexican culture. Although Skippyjon Jones is a cute and interesting character, this story does not do him justice.

Award-winning author/illustrator Judy Schachner has had great success in the world of children’s picture books. Her glorious illustrations have been featured in the works of others as well as her own books. Her Skippyjon Jones series has been well-received and are wildly popular. At present, there are nine on the market, and all are doing well. The original, Skippyjon Jones, even received the E.B. White Read Aloud Award. Get a hold of a copy and judge for yourself - “Yip, Yipee, Yippito!”

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