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*Sophie's Big Bed (Toddler Tales)* by Tina Burke
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It's Christmas
Sophie's Big Bed (Toddler Tales)
by Tina Burke
Ages 4-8 24 pages Kane/Miller August 2007 Paperback    

Sophie's Big Bed is another book in the Toddler Tales collection, the line of sweet, simple, affordable, lightweight books from Kane/Miller. This time, the story centers on Sophie and her initial reluctance to leave the security of her crib to sleep in a large bed that she could call her own.

When Sophie first sees her new bed, she decides it is too big and overwhelming. As if she were not nervous enough, Bunny says he is worried that she might get lost under the sheets; as a result, the two of them decide to sleep in the crib one last night. Shortly after, Bear rejects the bed because he is worried that he might fall off, so the three of them head to the crib for another night’s sleep. Following that, baby doll Scarlett decides she would be more comfortable snuggled up with the banana blanket tucked in the crib to which they have grown accustomed, and they all agree that resting in the crib is the best move.

Then, one night, Sophie and all of her friends climb into the bed and, to their surprise, they find it comfortable, cozy, and large enough for all of them to enjoy. In a sweet end to an even sweeter story, this is exactly what they all decide to do.

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